• ✓1300W BRASS ELEMENT - This garment steamer features strongest material for the rigours of commercial use. More durable and resistant to scale build up than aluminium.
  • ✓50% THICKER STEAM HEAD - For commercial users, the #1 replacement part is the steam head. That’s why our garment steamer's steam head is 2x the thickness of our closest competitor.
  • ✓ANTI-SPILL CAP - An anti-spill cap prevents water from spilling when the one gallon water bottle is turned over.
  • ✓REMOVABLE BRUSH - Fabrics with a nap such as velvet and corduroy will benefit from the removable steam brush on this fabric steamer.
  • ✓EASY-ROLL CASTERS - Non-marking easy roll casters made to withstand the day to day use in retail clothing store while steaming your garments.
  • Imported from USA.
Material Type:PVC Steam Head Reliable Vivio 100GC Professional Fabric Steamer with Heavy-Duty PVC Steam Head FLOOR STANDING PROFESSIONAL STEAMER The Vivio 100GC is a floor standing model that stores easily in a corner, out of the way, until it’s needed. Using a simple “flow through” design, in less then a minute it creates volumes of steam for freshening up your clothes. FAST, EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE The steam works by softening the fibers, allowing the fabric to relax. Wrinkles quickly disappear, leaving a finished and attractive look to your clothes. Used by clothing retailers and discriminating consumers, the 100GC is a staple for any serious fashionista. FEATURES ✓Bottle won’t fall off ✓1300W brass element ✓50% thicker PVC steam head ✓Removable brush ✓Heavy-duty brass fittings ✓Easy roll casters ✓Thermal fuse