• Specific Uses of Product: Sauté, Special Features: Pre-Seasoned.
  • Included Components: Tawa.
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty.
  • Imported from India.
Top quality cast iron made appa kada, Vella appa chatty or Palappa chatti is one of a unique cookware traditionally popular among the southern states of India. It has a semicircular shape with a short handle. When it's heated, the presence of handle makes it easier for the users to take away the pan. The polished inner portion is another important feature. For the finest taste and texture of Appam, you should have this appachatti in your cooking area. This is one of the best cookery item to fulfil your tummy with lots of healthy and satisfying dish of the day. Kasai withstand heat and spread it evenly thereby avoiding burning of the food. This kadai also comes pre seasoned with sunflower oil and one year warranty. It's known for exercising in the heat with highest tolerance level with healthy outcome for food lovers (foodies).,

Rock Tawa Cast Iron Tawa, Black