• Chef's Delight - For personal and professional purposes. In addition to its main function, this scale also features a built in 60 minute electronic timer which will do the countdown for you and will alert you with a shrill sound. It is the perfect feature to use while cooking or baking..
  • Convenience - Hanging this scale anywhere around your kitchen will give you easy access. Its elegant stainless steel smooth surface makes it the ideal weighing platform and the easy to read large display is lit by a sharp blue LCD backlight. Compact and easy to clean!.
  • Features - Precise, Strong, fast, and lightweight. This will please any culinary perfectionist who desires superior functions combined with elegant design. The compact size will allow you to store it in any convenient place. Features advanced touch sensitive buttons for easy use..
  • Measurements - Includes all the necessary unit measurements: Pounds (lb), Ounces (oz), Grams (g), Fluid Ounces (fl.oz), Milliliters (ml). Weight Capacity: 11.4lb / 5000g / 5000ml / 176.4fl.oz. Features an auto/off function after 60 seconds and is powered by 3 AAA batteries..
  • Accuracy - Manufactured with high precision sensors to provide the most accurate measurements. The craftsmanship is of superior quality making it one of the most desired kitchen scales around the world!.
  • Imported from USA.
The Smart Weigh Kitchen Scale is the one you have been waiting for! The Smart Weigh Kitchen Scale will provide all conveniences in one. The unrivaled quality along with the compact design makes it the scale you want to own! The stainless steel platform gives it the contemporary design and will look great in your kitchen. Say no to the mess! Who says you need to use multiple bowls, dishes, and measuring cups when preparing your favorite recipes? No need for that anymore! Simply put one bowl on the scale and set the tare button to zero. Then you can add all the ingredients you would like to weigh in one mixing bowl. Friendly reminders while you are cooking! The built in timer will spare you any mishaps! Just set it to the desired time and it will do the countdown for you! Be Smart! Tired of wasting your time and money on devices that just don’t work? This scale will give you confidence in your decision to trust again! The practical, compact, and sleek design combined with the highest grade functionalities make this the best kitchen cooking/baking scale out there!