MyStudio MS20DEL Deluxe Table Top Photo Studio Lightbox Kit with 5000K Lighting and Dual 20" x 20" x 12" Seamless Backgrounds for Product Photography 40x20x12 inches

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Product Description

Includes: Two 20”x20”x12” MyStudio 20 infinity backgrounds by Pro Cyc, one expanded, adjustable height aluminum light stand, two 5000K fluorescent lamps w/ bulb, two overhead light reflectors and two 9"x12" light reflecting bounce cards

Two separate MyStudio 20 cyc backgrounds that sit side-by-side and double-width expanded light stand provide nearly 40 inches of seamless background width and full coverage lighting

5000K color-corrected "daylight" fluorescent lighting ensures perfect color on your subject - no flash or additional lighting required

The unique cyclorama with all curved corners provides a soft, seamless background. No re-touching is required on most photos.

Made in the USA. Lifetime Limited Warranty

Uses 110V/120V light fixture. 220V – 110V VOLTAGE CONVERTER REQUIRED for use in countries with 220V/240V power (e.g. Europe, Australia, etc.)

Imported from USA

MyStudio is a completely new, unique and superior approach to tabletop product photography. Unlike other tabletop
systems that fold, collapse and/or have seams that have to be edited out later, MyStudio features a fixed radius, single
piece hard cyclorama background. This provides a high quality, seamless infinity background without compromising
shooting angles which until now was only available in larger professional photo studios. The lighting systems included
with each MyStudio are customized specifically for each studio resulting in perfect lighting every time. This is
different from other systems that simply include standard lights which must be positioned individually. MyStudio systems
are priced competitively with the less professional tabletop systems yet provide superior results. MyStudio is the
absolute best all-in-one lighting and background solution for product photography, ebay auction photography and any
other small item photography. This revolutionary tabletop photo studio enables even the most inexperienced person to
take professional product photos every time! The MyStudio 20 Deluxe Expanded version features two (2) of our unique
seamless cyclorama ("cyc") backgrounds with curved corners and an expanded width light stand and two (2) color-corrected
"daylight" lights featuring 5000K fluorescent lighting. When you place the two cyc backgrounds side by side you get a
full 40" of background width, large enough for medium sized products or multiple small items. Just place your product(s)
inside the studio, turn on the light and snap your picture with any standard digital camera. No flash or prior
photographic experience is required. Your product will appear evenly lit in perfect color against a heavenly, seamless
white background.

From the Manufacturer

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but for catalog and online retailers, eBay power sellers and product
manufacturers, a good product photo can be worth much, much more. In fact, a good photo is arguably the single most
important element in selling your product. If a customer cannot touch the products you are selling, they must rely on
your photos, and your photos must accurately communicate value that they will be willing to pay for. Studies have
actually shown that customers are often willing to pay more for products with attractive, professional quality photos
because it engenders a type of trust between them and the seller. Conversely, poor product photos tend to create just
the opposite feeling and can turn potential customers away.

MyStudio products are designed to provide a high quality, professional photo solution at an affordable price; one that
can be used by amateur and professional photographers alike to create fantastic product photos with a minimum amount of
expense and effort.

MyStudio 20 Deluxe Highlights

Two 20 x 20 x 12-inch seamless cyclorama infinity backgrounds Providing the perfect white infinity background for
product photography is what the MyStudio 20 cyc background is all about, and with the MyStudio 20 Deluxe system you get
two of them. When used alone, each background has a 90-degree corner design that optimizes your shooting angles and
provides a maximum 27" of background width from left to right, 24" deep and 12" high. When placed side by side (see
photos above) the width is increased to 40". With the side by side configuration there will be small seam in the middle
that can be easily edited out of any photos. These generous dimensions provide enough room for most small to medium
sized products, and even some larger items and multiple item sets.

Designed and manufactured by Pro Cyc, Inc. The world’s leading designer and manufacturer of modular cyclorama
backgrounds for large television and film studios, Pro Cyc engineered the MyStudio 20 Deluxe tabletop cyc backgrounds
for maximum versatility. Each of the MyStudio 20 Deluxe backgrounds feature a lightweight, durable standalone cyc with a
90-degree corner and a seamless floor to wall cove radius that runs the entire length of the cyc. This provides an
easy-to-light infinity background that allows your subject to be photographed in a perfect white setting every time.
Whether you are an online or catalog retailer, eBay power seller, toy collector, or documenting items for insurance
purposes or any number of other applications, the MyStudio 20 Deluxe cyclorama is the perfect background for small,
medium and some larger items such as car parts, train sets, sporting equipment, and much more.

5000K color-corrected "daylight" continuous lighting system Talk to any good photographer and they will affirm that
proper lighting is one of the single most important aspects of taking a good photograph. The MyStudio 20 Deluxe photo
studio solves this problem for you by including a customized continuous lighting system that takes all the guesswork and
expense out of the lighting dilemma.

The customized lighting kit that comes with MyStudio 20 Deluxe was designed by a professional product photographer with
over 25 years of experience in catalog product photography. It features a two 15 watt 5000K ("daylight") color-corrected
fluorescent bulbs, each with a CRI of 92. These lights provide strong, accurate full-spectrum lighting that will bring
out the true colors and fine details of your product. The lights are installed on an expanded, adjustable height
aluminum stand. The MyStudio 20 Deluxe lighting kit also comes with two overhead "ceiling" reflectors that span the
width of the studio and two 9" x 12" side bounce cards. These reflectors provide complete coverage of the entire
cyclorama background when lighting your subject and ensures that there will be plenty of continuous, accurate and even
lighting all around.

Everything but the camera

MyStudio 20 Deluxe comes with everything you need to produce fantastic, professional quality photographs right out of
the box. Until now, the combination of the professional quality infinity background and continuous 5000K lighting that
is found in the MyStudio complete tabletop photo studios could only be replicated in a professional photo studio at much
greater expense. No longer. In essence, each MyStudio system is a miniature replica of a much larger professional
cyclorama photography studio. While large studios certainly have their place and are necessary for larger applications,
it can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more to build and properly light such a space. The average photographer and
online entrepreneur just don’t have that kind of budget, nor do they require such a large studio for the majority of
their photographic needs. That’s where the MyStudio portable photography studio comes in. At a fraction of the cost, now
everyone can take professional quality photos with almost any camera and very little experience. If great looking
professional photos would help your business in any way, then you can't afford to not have your own MyStudio system.
Just as digital cameras have eliminated the need for film, MyStudio virtually eliminates the need for expensive lighting
and studio backgrounds.

MyStudio History

Designed and manufactured in the USA by Pro Cyc, Inc., the MyStudio line of tabletop photo studio products derives its
design and inspiration from Pro Cyc’s world leading modular cyclorama studio backgrounds. Since 1987 Pro Cyc has been
providing custom cyclorama ("cyc") infinity background solutions which are currently used by virtually every major
television network (CNN, NBC, CNBC, ESPN, FOX, etc.), film studios, photographers and videographers worldwide for green
screen, blue screen and countless other applications that require an infinity background.

To design MyStudio, Pro Cyc drew on their experience and success at creating seamless infinity backgrounds for the
large studio industry and applied the same technology and expertise to this revolutionary line of cyclorama-based
tabletop studio products intended for use by both professional photographers and amateurs alike. Add to that a
color-corrected 5000K lighting system that was designed by a professional product photographer with over 25 years of
experience and the result is line of tabletop studio products that deliver unparalleled results at an affordable price.
The best feature of all, however, is that virtually anyone with a standard digital camera can take fantastic photos,
because with MyStudio the barrier to professional quality photos has just been erased.

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