MicroSync VM2T Wireless Transmitter, 16 Channels, 200' Range, Long Battery Life

Product Description

MicroSync VM2T Wireless Transmitter - CR2032 Battery - MicroSync Warranty

The Freedom of Wireless: Whether you're shooting in the studio or on location, firing your strobes with a sync cord can be impractical, inconvenient and sometimes even impossible. Not anymore! The MicroSync II allows you to fire strobes wirelessly

Ultra-small, Light and Convenient: The MicroSync II is revolutionary because it is super miniature, extremely lightweight and almost operates itself. Just place the transmitter in the hot shoe of your camera, plug the receiver into your strobe's power pack and fire! It's that easy

Automatic Power Management: The MicroSync II has a unique automatic power management system. There are no on/off switches on the transmitter or receiver. When you press the shutter, the transmitter turns itself on and sends the signal to the receiver to fire your lights

16 Channels: There are sixteen channels on the MicroSync II to allow you to shoot without interference from other MicroSync II users in close proximity

Imported from USA

The MicroSync II VM2T Wireless Transmitter is a part of a super lightweight system with a tiny form factor which can
easily be your solution to a tangle of PC cords in the studio or on location. The transmitter and receiver (purchased
separately) are capable of firing your strobe from distance of 200'. Just slip the tiny transmitter on your camera and
plug the (optional, required) receiver into your flash, select a channel (there are 16) and you're ready to shoot.
Forget about on/off switches; there aren't any. This smart system goes on instantly the second you hit the shutter
release and automatically shuts down when not in use, dramatically extending battery life, in the transmitter's case, up
to 3 years. The system, which operates on 433MHz, has a maximum focal plane flash sync of 1/200 sec (depending on the
camera in use) and a maximum leaf shutter sync speed of 1/350 sec.Besides flash, the MicroSync II can also fire most
DSLR cameras which have an electronic shutter release input. Just purchase the required MicroSync receiver and the
optional, dedicated camera cord. It's great for wildlife or surveillance.

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