Product Description

10.5 inch copper clad covered braiser pan; works on top of stove or in the oven; straight to table

2.6 mm total thickness; 5-ply clad construction; Interior layer-0.4mm 18/10 stainless steel; bonding layer-0.3mm aluminum; core-1.0mm copper; bonding layer-0.3mm aluminum; exterior layer-0.6mm magnitized steel

Thermo-Enhanced Base is 44% thicker than traditional copper core cookware providing superior heat distribution and control

Dishwasher and oven safe. Suitable for use on all stove tops, including induction ranges

Commercially approved and featured at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Imported from USA

BonJour’s collection of clad cookware offers precise control over the cooking process with an elegant, European flair.
Clad metal construction is the preferred fabrication by professional and home chefs alike. The interior layer of each
pan is crafted of pure 18/10 stainless steel which is non-reactive and doesn’t adversely affect the flavor of delicate
ingredients or subtle sauces. The exterior is made of magnetized steel which is induction suitable and polished to a
beautiful mirror finish. The key to clad cookware is the heat conductive metal core layered in between the stainless
steel throughout the entire pan. BonJour’s unique design offers better heat conduction than traditional clad cookware
because its thicker base evenly directs the heat up the side walls and around the pan. The result is stunning cookware
that heats up quickly and evenly and provides a lifetime of exceptional performance. The culinary heritage that
introduced buttery, delicate sauces and bold, lush wines reinvents itself in new clad cookware from BonJour.
Time-honored tradition and attention to detail made these quintessentially French delights international favorites. The
same care and commitment to excellence can be found in BonJour’s clad collection, which is why it’s the preferred
cookware in the famed Eiffel Tower restaurant. With its bold silhouettes, generously appointed fittings and exceptional
performance, they will be your favored culinary tools as well. This 10" stainless steel clad braiser pan goes from the
stovetop to the oven to the table. Great for roasting meats.

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