• Pre-measured palm tree fertilizer spikes nourishes at the roots; Apply twice per year between March and October.
  • Easy to use fertilizer spikes; No wasteful runoff, no mess, hazards or smells.
  • Continuous supply of nutrients below the surface, where the active roots are growing.
  • Jobe’s spikes are easy to insert around each tree’s dripline, and the slow-release formula feeds all season.
  • Guaranteed fertilizer analysis: (10-5-10) 5 spikes per package.
  • Imported from USA.
Size:5 Spikes Style:Palm Jobe's Palm Tree Spikes 10-5-10 Fertilizer spikes feed trees at the roots, where they need it most. Active Ingredients: Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potash, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur From the Manufacturer --------------------- Easy Gardener manufactures and distributes over 200 products to top lawn and garden retailers in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. Our product lines include landscape fabrics, shade fabrics, fertilizers, tree care products, landscape edging, sun screen fabrics, netting and plastic fencing. Jobe's Fertilizer Spikes for Palm Trees are specially formulated to provide these special plants the primary nutrients needed to enhance their beauty and promote growth. Unlike surface applied fertilizers that can wash away with rain or watering, Jobes spikes work underground at the plants feeder roots to provide nourishment where its needed. with no mixing or spreading necessary, the premeasured spikes make for a fast, easy and mess-free fertilizing experience. for best results, apply twice per year between March and October.

Jobe's 100046747 Outdoor, 5 Per Package Palm Tree Spikes 10-5-10 Time Release Fertilizer