• About this item.
  • A toenail brace that gets rid of ingrown toenails by correcting high nail curvature. 10 transparent braces per kit..
  • Remove ingrown toenail pain in 1-3 days. 90-day guarantee..
  • Made in USA. Experienced US based product support. Since 2008..
  • Toenail brace tension level: .140 (for the largest toe of most adults 18+ years. Children and individuals with thick or thin nails require a different tension level.).
  • Imported from USA.
What is CurveCorrect? CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment is a truly unique and incredibly effective way to get rid of ingrown toenails. Ingrown toenails are the result of a toenail in which each side cuts into the surrounding skin due to increasing curvature of the nail. The obvious solution is to correct the curve of the toenail, a smarter approach not achieved using any other method, not even surgery. CurveCorrect fixes curved toenails, lifting each side and reducing its pressure against the skin. How Does it Work? The toenail brace is a composite strip applied across your toenail. The strip behaves like a spring so when it's bonded to the curved surface of your toenail it applies a gentle force that helps straighten the nail. Pressure from the side of the toenail is eliminated. Most users notice reduced pain in 1-3 days, the nail is visibly less curved and pain-free within 7 days. Each brace will stay on for 3-6 weeks. Some users will require one application while chronic ingrown toenail sufferers should maintain continuous treatment for one complete toenail regrowth cycle to minimize the possibility of recurrence. Ten braces per kit. 90-Day Guarantee If CurveCorrect doesn't get rid of your ingrown toenail, and we can't help you, just return it to us within 90 days. We'll refund your purchase regardless of how much you've used with no questions asked. This is the level of confidence we've gained after helping our customers get rid of thousands of ingrown toenails. Contact Us If you have questions about our product or need help applying it, we'll be glad to assist you. Visit our company website to send us an email. Braces are also available for thick or thin toenails, smaller toes and fingernails. Braces with a correction factor other than "standard" are only available from our website. Stop Painful Ingrown Toenails, Order Today

CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Home Treatment | Ingrown toenail correction kit, includes ten standard toenail braces.