• The book is a respected classic introduction to research methods for education, known for its comprehensive topic coverage and exceptionally clear writing style..
  • Praised by reviewers for reliability and accessibility, the book has gained a reputation for accuracy and logical presentation of topics..
  • "Think About It" exercises, which conclude the major discussions in every chapter, require students to apply and think critically about material covered in every major section of each chapter. These exercises serve as concept checks for students..
  • Through original illustrations conceptualized by Donald Ary, the "Picture This" feature reinforces key chapter concepts in a clever and entertaining manner..
  • Strong end-of-chapter exercises expose students to intriguing research problems and help develop critical thinking..
  • Imported from USA.
This book is designed for use in introductory courses in education research, which is a standard offering in nearly every graduate program in Schools and Colleges of Education. Courses are designed to provide students with an overview of quantitative and qualitative research methods, addressing such topics as research designs, sample selection, data collection, experimental research, and data analysis.