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SPANISH in 10 minutes a day AUDIO CD is a great first step to learning Spanish. This audio program takes you on a walking tour through learning the language. Your audio instructor guides you each step of the way, introducing new words, then phrases, then sentences. You’ll hear each word and practice right along, so you’ll become comfortable hearing the language and confident about your pronunciation. This audio kit also includes the SPANISH in 10 minutes a day book and language learning software, so you have many opportunities to practice in a variety of ways. You’ll hear and repeat the words in the audio program, then read and write them in the book, and play with them on your computer screen. It’s an engaging learning experience that accelerates your success and prepares you for traveling abroad. From the time you step off the plane, hop in a cab and order your first “cerveza,” your language needs are covered and you’re ready for the trip of a lifetime! Contents include: SPANISH in 10 minutes a day AUDIO CDs SPANISH in 10 minutes a day 132-page illustrated workbook SPANISH in 10 minutes a day language learning software 150 Sticky Labels Ready-made Flash Cards Cut-out Menu Guide Pronunciation Guide Glossary