• Region Code 0: Can be played anywhere in the world.
  • WORKOUT LEVEL: Advanced (Level 5 of 5).
  • REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Stability Ball (55 or 65 cm) and Exercise Mat Work.
  • 32 exercises, Workout Time - 42 min, DVD Length - 98 min, Closed captioning.
  • Imported from USA.
Formerly called "Ultimate Balance DVD". Challenge your balance, stabilization and control with this intermediate to advanced level workout that will leave you feeling strong, stretched and streamlined. Along with the Stability Ball and Exercise Mat, Superior Balance will target deep abdominal muscles and build spinal strength - all while you work to enhance your mind-body connection. The most demanding workout in the Stability Ball Series, Superior Balance (previously entitled Ultimate Balance) simulates the toning, stretching, and lengthening moves often performed in an intermediate Reformer routine - and we incorporate the Stability Ball for an added challenge. This system of coordinated exercises works on all planes of movement for an intense total-body workout. Master Instructor Trainers Moira Merrithew and PJ O'Clair inspire you through a vigorous workout - great for athletic enhancement. WORKOUT LEVEL: Advanced (Level 5 of 5), - LANGUAGE TRACKS: English, REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Stability Ball (55 or 65 cm) and Exercise Mat Work, NUMBER OF EXERCISES: 32, WORKOUT TIME: 42 min, DVD LENGTH: 98 min, Closed captioning.