• 12 Individual Packages of Joke Wikki Stix. Each package features a joke playsheet and 8 Wikki Stix.
  • 36 Kid's Temporary Tattoos measuring 1.5 x 1.5 inches. Assorted designs include zoo animals, dinosaurs, butterflies, sports theme....
  • 12 Glitter Sticky hands measuring 1 1/4 inches on a 7 inch string. Comes in assorted bright colors..
  • 12 Make-a-Monster sticker sheets with around 21 stickers per sheet. Each sticker sheet measures 4 3/4 x 6 3/4 inches..
  • 12 Pull Line Saucers. Pull the cord and watch the saucer fly through the air..
  • Imported from USA.
Tired of buying party favors that just end up in the trash? We asked kids to pick their favorite birthday party favors and Parents for the favors their kids were playing with long after the party ended. We have packaged the winners in our 84 piece Kids Top Choice Party Favor Pack. At less than 20 cents per party favor you will get a lot of bang for your buck! These would also make great kids stocking stuffers or Easter Basket Stuffers to help reduce the amount of other Candy Filler needed. Other great ideas for these novelty toys include: birthday party goody or loot bag fillers or party game door prizes for kids, school teacher class supplies, rewards or incentives for students treasure hunt or treasure chest items, school or church carnival, fishing booth or duck pond toys, Christmas stocking stuffers, Easter egg, Easter basket fillers or Halloween trick or treat giveaways, dentist or doctor prizes, end of the year thank you gift to each child in the class, toy gifts to include with their valentines cards or pinata fillers...…preschool stocking stuffers, stocking stuffers for preschooler, stocking stuffer for kids girls, stocking stuffer for kids boys and girls, stocking stuffers for kids boys, stocking stuffers for children, stocking stuffers inexpensive, stocking stuffers bulk, inexpensive stocking stuffers, Christmas stocking stuffers for kids, stocking stuffers for classroom, stocking stuffers for boys and girls, stocking stuffers for kids, Christmas stocking stuffers for boys, stocking stuffer ideas for kids, best stocking stuffers for boys, fun stocking stuffers for boys, boy stocking stuffers, unique stocking stuffers for boys, stocking stuffers for boys age 5, stocking stuffers for boys age 6, stocking stuffers for girl age 3, stocking stuffers for boys age 4, stocking stuffers for boys age 3, stocking stuffers for girls age 4, best stocking stuffers for girls, fun stocking stuffers for girls, girls stocking stuffers, unique stocking stuffers for kids,