• Only anatomically correct cup designed to comfortably fit any body type.
  • Only cup made out of 100 percent polycarbonate which reduces force of impact by over 2000 percent.
  • Compression shorts include interior elastic straps allowing the cup to be held comfortably snug and in place.
  • Cups are available in 5 sizes and compression shorts are available in 11 sizes.
  • Featured on Sports Science TV Show.
  • Imported from USA.
Previously only available with a jock or as a 3-piece system, the NuttyBuddy Protective Cup is now available with brand new Compression Shorts with a cup pocket. NuttyBuddy is best known for its appearance on the TV show "Sports Science", where the inventor, Mark Littell, takes a 90 mph fastball to the cup from 5 feet away. Made out of bullet-proof material, the NuttyBuddy is the only anatomically correct cup on the market and the only cup that has won several awards, including an international award from the ISDA (Industry Designers Society of America Award) for it's unique design and ingenuity. The brand new compression shorts are made with the latest in compression short technology. They include a cup pocket and interior elastic straps which hold the cup snug against your body, keeping it comfortably snug and in place.