• Multi-window, multi-tasking GUI.
  • Data storage, backup, sharing and disaster recovery.
  • Rich multimedia applications for entertainment.
  • Dropbox-like file synchronization.
  • Imported from USA.
Using the TS-220 is as easy as just clicking the icons!Using the TS-220 is as easy as just clicking the icons! View larger Featuring with New QTS 4.0 Operating System ------------------------------------------- The TS-220 is a powerful yet easy to use network storage center for data storage, backup, synchronization, remote access, and home entertainment. As your personal cloud, you will always be connected to your files and your files are always under your control. See How TS-220 Featuring the QTS 4.0 Can Make Your Digital Life Easier, Simpler and More Convenient --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The QTS 4.0 Desktop including quick main menu, graphic dashboard, drag-and-drop icons, multiple desktops, personalized wallpapers, and the smart toolbar making system operations much easier. In addition, multi-tasking is supported which allows multiple windows to be open to access multiple applications concurrently. View larger Centralize and Protect your Data -------------------------------- The TS-220 is a high-performance cross-platform storage with many friendly storage and backup options that centralizes and protects all your important files on one single device. Time Machine is fully supported to help Mac OS X users create a more efficient and convenient backup solution. The TS-220 works with Time Machine wirelessly over the same network so you no longer need an external drive. Netbak Replicator is the license-free backup software which allows you to back up your files in multiple Window client PCs in schedule or real time. You can also gain a disaster recovery solution with our RTRR (Real Time Remote Replication) feature by replicating data in multiple shared folders from one NAS to another NAS over the network to ensure the safety of your important data. Besides, the data can also be backed up to another FTP server, external disk, or to online cloud storage services. View larger Freely Access your Cloud Anywhere --------------------------------- All of your content is available on the go! Through any Web browser or the free app for tablets and smartphones the TS-220 becomes your personal cloud so you are always connected to your data. Take advantage of the myQNAPcloud service, which allows you to remotely access your TS-220 wherever you are. Instantly stream or share your multimedia contents and share them with your friends. View larger Synchronize and Share --------------------- Qsync is a new feature that allows you to sync all your devices on the go! It can be synced literally anywhere- on the web, at your home, in the office and on the go. Qsync makes your TS-220 a team sharing device- allowing you to share and edit files among your teammates with automatic updates on the files your team is working on. Qsync provides the function of file synchronization like Dropbox service, and brings forth a cost-effective way to share files across groups and communities. View larger Photo Albums on the Cloud ------------------------- The TS-220 acts as a photo vault for you to back up your favorite photos. The Photo Station makes photo sharing simple, and you can designate your own access right controls. Simply upload your photos to the TS-220 to create and organize your photo albums through a web browser to share with your family and friends. Your mobile devices are useful too, with the Qfile mobile app in your iOS or Android devices you can instantly upload photos to the TS-220. View larger Build your Home Music Library and Enjoy Music Anywhere ------------------------------------------------------ The Music Station helps categorize your music collection, and displays album covers to easily organize your personal playlists. Through the music station web player, you can enjoy your music anywhere, anytime with a few clicks. Thousands of local and global online Internet radio programs are built-into Music Station for you to enjoy. You can listen to your favorite MP3 songs streamed from iTunes Server, or play music by web browsers on your PC. With SBS (Squeezebox Server) app plugin, you can efficiently manage and play them with Logitech music players without even turning on the PC. Stream music to your UPnP Hi-Fi system and indulge in high-quality sound experience. Listen to your music on mobile devices through Qmusic app. View larger Enjoy your Videos via AirPlay ----------------------------- The TS-220 supports Apple AirPlay. You can enjoy video and multimedia contents on AirPlay supported devices with the QAirplay application or the Qfile mobile app. Available in the App Center, QAirplay allows you to steam your media content directly on TV via AirPlay-enabled devices such as Apple TV. The media contents are streaming on Apple TV, bypassing your mobile device, thus saves the energy of your mobile device. Alternatively, the Qfile mobile app allows you to browse videos and photos stored on the TS-220 and play on the TV via AirPlay-enabled devices such as Apple TV. It is just that convenient to enjoy multimedia entertainment through the wireless experience.