• Imported from USA.
    2012 debut album from the British Prog/Art Rock band. Featuring Joff Winks (vocals, guitars, drum programming and samples), Matt Baber (Rhodes, synthesizer, percussion, mini drum kit), Brad Waissman (bass) and Paul Mallyon (drums, percussion, mini drum kit), the band was formed from the ashes of the Joff Winks Band and the Antique Seeking Nuns. The album is a complex ensemble work, featuring profound songwriting, uniquely ambitious instrumental pieces and an equally important attention to the sonic landscape of the music as a whole, giving the band its defining characteristics. Sanguine Hum continue to pursue diverse areas of writing flitting between intense instrumental pieces and unorthodox songwriting. Influenced as much by Zappa and Mahavishnu Orchestra as they are by bands such as Tortoise, Sanguine Hum create avant-prog-post-rock with groove and melody to spare. Esoteric.