• In addition, this model is designed to fit both the US and ISO keyboard layouts.
  • They are hand washable and easy to keep clean.
  • All our covers are ultra-thin and made with the highest quality silicone available which help to ensure long-lasting durability, a soft-feel, and ultimately a happy customer.
  • KB Covers are designed to fit all Apple/Mac keyboard layouts around the world, including US keyboard, European ISO keyboard, and Japanese JIS keyboard layouts.
  • Compatible with: 13-"MacBook Air; 13-"aluminum unibody MacBook; 13-"aluminum unibody MacBook Pro; 13-"aluminum unibody MacBook Pro Retina (US / European ISO Keyboard).
  • 15"aluminum unibody MacBook Pro; 15"aluminum unibody MacBook Pro Retina (US / European ISO Keyboard).
  • 17"aluminum unibody MacBook Pro (US / European ISO Keyboard).
  • Imported from USA.
We've all been there reaching for a piece of paper and accidentally spilling your coffee across your keyboard; snacking on food to help keep yourself awake at 1:00 AM and having to pick the crumbs out from between the keys the next morning or, better yet,using compressed air to BLAST them out. We feel your pain and have a solution our unique Keyboard Covers for the new MacBook laptops. 100% silicone, they're molded precisely to cover your entire keyboard and protect it from the endless barrage of spills, crumbs, dust and general wear and tear. KB Covers has designed the world's finest silicone keyboard covers to protect and enhance Apple MacBook Pro notebook computers. Our covers are unique for many reasons. First, you can feel the difference. The durable, ultra thin silicone we use results in a soft tactile feel that does not restrict typing. Second, you can see the difference. Every key is individually molded (including the return key and function keys) and specially printed on clear silicone for a long lasting professional look.

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