• Has carbsteady ultra, our most advanced blend to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
  • 27 vitamins and minerals for complete, balanced nutrition.
  • Has plant-based phytosterols to support heart health.
  • Healthy fat blend with an excellent source of plant-based, omega-3 (300 mg ala) fatty acids to support heart health.
  • Gluten free, suitable for lactose intolerance.
  • Imported from USA.
Glucerna Advance Shake, Vanilla ------------------------------- Glucerna Advance Shakes are a convenient and great-tasting source of 3-in-1 nutrition from the makers of the #1 doctor and nutritionist recommended nutrition shake for people with diabetes. These shakes help you manage blood sugar levels, support a healthy heart, and support the immune system. View larger Advanced nutrition for people with diabetes. View larger Proven to Help Manage Blood Sugar --------------------------------- Glucerna Advance Shakes contain Carbsteady Ultra, a special blend of carbs designed to help reduce spikes in your blood sugar levels. In fact, when compared to a leading standard nutritional beverage, the carb blend in Glucerna Advance produced a smaller peak change in blood sugar and a lower blood sugar response over four hours. Balanced Nutrition in Every Bottle ---------------------------------- This 200-calorie shake is our most advanced nutrition for people with diabetes. The shake provides an excellent source of antioxidants Vitamins C, E, and selenium to support immune health. These shakes are gluten free and suitable for those with lactose intolerance. Please note: Glucerna Advance is not for people with galactosemia. About Glucerna -------------- *Glucerna is the #1 doctor and nutritionist recommended liquid nutritional product for people with diabetes. Whether you're managing your blood sugar or watching your weight, making Glucerna products part of your meal plan is a smart way to help get the right kinds of carbs every day. Each delicious shake or bar has Carbsteady or Carbsteady Ultra which includes slowly digestible carbohydrates designed to help minimize blood sugar spikes. How to Use ---------- Use the shake as part of a healthy diet, an occasional meal or dessert replacement, or a snack on the go. Serve cold and shake well before consuming. Refrigerate after opening. What's in the Box ----------------- Glucerna Advance Vanilla- 4 pack. Glucerna Advance Features ------------------------- * Advanced nutrition for people with diabetes * Has Carbsteady Ultra including slowly digestible carbs to minimize blood sugar spikes * From the makers of the #1 doctor and nutritionist recommended liquid nutrition brand for people with diabetes * Plant-based phytosterols to support heart health * Excellent source of antioxidants (Vitamin E, C, and selenium) to support the immune system