• Brings Skateboarding to Life - the most advanced graphics ever for a Tony Hawk game, including full 3D body scans of pro athletes and motion captured skateboard tricks. Progress through the game in multiple ways.
  • Most Unique, Robust and Realistic Skateboarding Game Experience Ever - more goals, side-missions, secret areas and mini games than any other Tony Hawk game. Track stats with in-game record keeping, switch characters mid-game to accomplish a goal, or just skate how you want to skate.
  • Innovative, Never-Before-Seen Gameplay Elements - the most goals ever in a Tony Hawk game. Interact with pro skaters who teach special tricks and show paths to secret areas.
  • Filmer and Photo Goals - Trick through photo shoot locations, or follow a filmer with a video camera and complete his instructions while keeping up with him.
  • Picture-in-a-Picture - Watch gameplay unfold on the main screen while observing the action in a superimposed video box.
  • Imported from USA.
Immerse yourself in the definitive skateboarding experience with Tony Hawk's Project 8. Ultra-realistic graphics, enhanced physics and extremely responsive controls simulate the feeling of skating with every trick and bail. Experience the intensity and pressure of skating against some of the world's top pros in true to life competitions as you aim to become the #1 skater and establish your town as a skateboard destination. This game delivers continuous skating action in a free-roaming living environment. Movable Ramps and Rails throughout the city - Place ramps and rails to set up amazing lines and/or gain access to secret spots Impress the Locals - Impress in-game citizens and pedestrians to build up respect. The pedestrians watch players perform tricks, laugh at brutal bails and punch players in the gut for knocking into them Enhanced Physics and Responsive Controls - advanced grinds and bails that allow you to control falls and minimize or maximize damage for fun with the ragdoll bail mode