• Highly MOBILE, making it perfect for home/office use. Expandable work surface to accomodate external mouse or other lightweight equipment. Great for ZOOM VIDEO use..
  • Portable, Compact and Lightweight (less than 3 lbs). Adjustable Height, from 12-29". Very STURDY for it's weight..
  • Sets up in seconds and requires no tools, FREE cup holder and large Smartphone holder $10 value. Over 300,000 sold worldwide..
  • Place on existing desk for STAND UP work (ease back pain that comes with extended sitting).
  • Imported from USA.
Since 2010, our patented TABLETOTE laptop stands have consistently been best sellers. Tabletote Plus is the same as the original except it comes with 3 FREE snap on accessories - Document holder, Smartphone and Cup holder (10 dollar value). This product was originally developed for the highly mobile business professional so we deliberately designed it to be lightweight (< 4lbs). It's constructed with high quality aluminum and plastic materials and despite it's weight, is quite durable and sturdy. It's easy to transport with a compact size of - 13.5 L x 10.5 W x 2 H. Self contained, with the legs and accessories neatly stored in the underbelly of the table. It easily fits in most pc carrying cases and backpacks. A clever feature, is the slide off bottom, which slides onto the top for an expandable large work space. This allows for mouse use or other lightweight equipment such as portable projectors. The height can be adjusted from 12" to 29", so it can be used for sitting or stand up work. Easy to use, sets up in seconds and requires no tools .Multi-Functional/Multi-Purpose. Consumers beyond business professionals have found many uses for TableTote, including home, office, school, travel, art, gaming, music and so much more. Has a lifetime customer satisfaction rating of 92%. Priced competitively, selling for 50% or less than other comparable stands. Hundreds of thousands sold worldwide. Manufactured by PC Tables Inc, who's been in business for 18 years and is a trusted and reputable company. Satisfaction Guaranteed.. If not completely satisfied, can return within 30 days for full refund. This item is available for international order and shipping. .

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