• 2003 Ford Powerstroke 6.0 SCT X4 combined with MPT Custom tunes = Best Overall Performance Period..
  • Open up your 2003 Powerstroke with the SCT X4 7015..
  • Immediate Increase in Horse Power, Torque, Throttle Response and More..
  • SCT Performance tune adds 150HP and 248TQ to the wheels..
  • 3 MPT Custom Tunes Included.
  • Imported from USA.
2003 Ford Powerstroke Diesel 6.0L V8 SCT X4 7015 Flash Tuner Bonus! 3 MPT Custom Tunes. You choose the tune type for each of the 3 tunes. Custom Tunes are created specifically for your vehicle by our SCT Certified Tuner. What the SCT X4 7015 can do: Large LCD Color Screen Display with dual viewing modes: Landscape and Portrait. Smaller Body for better storage and mounting options. WiFi Capable to update firmware and tune revision without software or pc connection. Less time waiting for tunes to install with the fastest download speed of any SCT programmer. Detachable OBDII Cable Huge Power Gains in Torque and Horse Power Increased Boost Throttle Response is drastically improved Increased MPG Faster 0-60 Improved and Firmer Shifting Turn Off Traction Control Removed Speed/Rev Limiters Get Rid of Check Engine Light Store vehicle's stock file (Needed for Warranty Repairs) Tune for Aftermarket Mods HP GAINS on Preloaded SCT Performance Tune: 150 HP / 248 lb-ft TQ HP GAINS on Preloaded SCT Street Tune: 105 HP / 130lb-ft TQ HP GAINS on Preloaded SCT Towing Tune: 65 HP / 75 lb-ft TQ Why buy from MPT? 3 MPT Custom Tunes on top of the SCT provided pre-loaded tunes * SCT Certified Custom Tuner * Customer Service Driven * Fast Responses to Emails and Questions * Speedy Order Processing and Free Shipping. Superior product +3 Expert Custom Tunes=BEST DEAL on Amazon! What is a Tuner and why do I need one? It's a device that will immediately increase the hp, tq and mpg for your vehicle. Plus, it's 100% reversible. MPT Custom Tunes will be emailed after programmer is received.