• 2004 Ford F150 5.4 SCT X4 combined with MPT Custom tunes = Best Overall Performance Period..
  • Take your F150 5.4 to the next level with the SCT X4 7015..
  • Immediate Increase in Horse Power, Torque, Throttle Response and More..
  • Tuning available for all Octane ratings..
  • 3 MPT Custom Tunes Included.
  • Imported from USA.
2004 F150 5.4 SCT X4 7015 Flash Tuner Bonus! 3 MPT Custom Tunes. Custom Tunes are hand created specifically for your vehicle by MorePowerMike, our Expert SCT Certified Tuner. You Choose The Octane: Race, 98, 95, 93, 91, 87, then select the tune type: Performance or Economy. What the SCT X4 7015 can do for you: Huge Gains in Torque and Horse Power Get rid of the mushy slow pedal Throttle Response is drastically improved Increased Fuel Economy Better Powerband under the Curve Faster 0-60 Improved and Firmer Shifting Turn Off Traction Control Removed Speed Limiters Raised Rev Limiters Smoother Idle Get Rid of Check Engine Light Store exact copy of the vehicle's stock file (Needed for Warranty Repairs) Tune for Aftermarket Modifications such as long tube headers, off road x and others. Why buy from MPT? 3 Free MPT Custom Tunes on top of the SCT provided pre-loaded tunes Expert SCT Certified Custom Tuner Customer Service Driven Fast Responses to Emails/Questions Speedy Order Processing and Free Shipping with Insurance. Superior product +3 Free Expert Custom Tunes=BEST DEAL on Amazon! What is a Flash Programmer and why do I need one? A Flash Programmer (AKA Tuner) is a device that will immediately increase the horse power, torque and fuel economy for your vehicle. You choose the type of tune based on the type of performance you desire. Tunes can be switched at any time. Plus, it's 100% reversible. (Free Custom Tunes not applicable for Aftermarket Supercharged/Turbo Vehicles)