• 2011 Ford Mustang 5.0 SCT X4 combined with MPT Custom tunes = Best Overall Performance Period..
  • Take your Mustang 5.0 to the next level with the SCT X4 7015.
  • Immediate Increase in Horse Power, Torque, Throttle Response and More..
  • Tuning available for all Octane ratings..
  • 3 MPT Custom Tunes Included.
  • Imported from USA.
2011 Ford Mustang 5.0L V8 SCT X4 7015 Flash Tuner Bonus! 3 MPT Custom Tunes. You choose the octane and the tune type for each of the 3 tunes. Custom Tunes are created specifically for your vehicle by our SCT Certified Tuner. What the SCT X4 7015 can do: * Large LCD Color Screen Display with dual viewing modes: Landscape and Portrait. * Smaller Body for better storage and mounting options. * WiFi Capable to update firmware and tune revision without software or pc connection. * Less time waiting for tunes to install with the fastest download speed of any SCT programmer. * Detachable OBDII Cable * Huge Power Gains in Torque and Horse Power * Throttle Response is drastically improved * Increased MPG * Better Powerband under the Curve * Faster 0-60 * Improved and Firmer Shifting * Turn Off Traction Control * Removed Speed Limiters * Raised Rev Limiters * Get Rid of Check Engine Light * Store vehicle's stock file (Needed for Warranty Repairs) * Tune for Aftermarket Mods Why buy from MPT? 3 MPT Custom Tunes on top of the SCT provided pre-loaded tunes * SCT Certified Custom Tuner * Customer Service Driven * Fast Responses to Emails and Questions * Speedy Order Processing and Free Shipping. Superior product +3 Expert Custom Tunes = BEST DEAL on Amazon! What is a Tuner and why do I need one? It's a device that will immediately increase the hp, tq and mpg for your vehicle. Plus, it's 100% reversible. MPT Custom Tunes will be emailed after programmer is recieved.