• Brand: Gigablock.
  • Media type : Rewritable Single Layer Blu Ray Media.
  • Storage Capacity : 25GB (135 minutes of HD video).
  • Packing type : 1 pack in jewel case x 5 = 5 pack.
  • Imported from USA.
" Fast Domestic Delivery in 3~4 days Secured , for orders through Gigablockshop " " Product ship from California, USA. " " Our disc is compatible with Mitsubish, Panasonic, Sharp, Sony, JVC, Pioneer, LG, LiteOn, Philips and Plextor Drives " " Product ship from California, USA. " Product Features - Made in Taiwan - Media type : Rewritable Single Layer Blu Ray Media - High Definition Recording - Next generation optical disc format - Hard coating protects the disc surface against scratches and resists smudges from fingerprints, providing error-free Blu-ray Disc performance Storage Statistics - 5,688 MP3s (based on a 4.5MB MP3) - 17,066 photos (based on a 1.5MB photo) - 5 DVDs (based on a 4.7GB DVD) - 32 CDs (based on a 800MB CD) - 7,204,387 A4 pages with 3,726 characters per page BD-RE cn be erased and re-recorded multiple times. It maintains good quality of writing over coninous erasion re-record < Call Service's Provided > You can check the contact information in seller help page - For contact point, please go to gigablockshop store front in .