• The patented curve puts the water back into the tub, where it belongs..
  • Because the water stays in the tub, the chance of having water damage on the floor and sub-floor is significantly reduced..
  • No more replacing grout on tile floors, refinishing hardwood floors, or creating mildew on bathroom carpet because of water damage..
  • Comes packaged with caulk and easy-to-follow installation instructions..
  • Imported from USA.
The Tidee Tubb, with its patented curve, is the ultimate splash guard. This easy-to-install product solves many common bathroom water problems. Promotes safety in the bathroom and addresses the #1 bathroom accident, slipping and falling. 7 out of 10 households in the United States experience a slip and fall accident in the bathroom every year! Tidee Tubb Splash Guard, the original splash guard with its patented curve was designed to reduce the number of slip and fall accidents in the bathroom by keeping water off the floor whenever someone used the shower or took a bath. Tidee Tubb does this by filling the space between the shower curtain and the wall, blocking the water from going on to the floor and puts it back into the tub where it belongs, keeping the floor safe and dry. Another benefit of Tidee Tubb Splash Guard is that it prevents unnecessary water damage to the wall and floor which can be very expensive to fix. Tidee Tubb Splash Guard comes complete with Instructions and caulking/mastic and is easy for anyone to install.

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