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    Review ------ "The authors...have succeeded in genuinely integrating [reading comprehension and listening and speaking activities]... The content of the material as well as its methodological approach makes Al-Kitaab highly recommendable to anyone who wants to learn or teach Arabic communicatively... [It] represents nothing less than a new generation of textbooks." ― British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, reviewing a previous edition or volume "This a creative approach to learning Arabic." ― Middle East Journal, reviewing a previous edition or volume "The student hears, sees and reads Arabic, and learning is kept close to an authentic linguistic and cultural experience." ― ADFL Bulletin "This is an extremely impressive volume, clearly demonstrating the practical and academic value of an outstanding textbook and the enormous amount of effort required in creating such a tool." ― Forum for Modern Language Studies "More drills and activities have been worked into the text, giving students more practice in the skills being presented." ― MESA Bulletin "One of the most complete modern Arabic pedagogy programs available." ― Read more ( javascript:void(0) ) From the Publisher ------------------ FEATURES • Develops all language-related skills including reading, listening, speaking, writing, and cultural knowledge • Immediately incorporates extensive use of authentic materials for reading, listening, and grammatical practice, relating abstract grammatical concepts to practical skills • Presents narrative-based content through audio and video media rather than written text to develop meaning-focused language processing skills, utilizing two main characters and their extended families • Develops reading skills through the use of composed texts derived from the main narrative and authentic texts from newspapers and journals • Introduces grammar using the techniques of spiraling and inference, challenging learners to discover the grammar of the language by means of analogy, problem solving, and educated guessing • Introduces Egyptian colloquial Arabic through scenes based on the main narrative to promote the use of shared vocabulary and structure of the two registers, increasing listening comprehension skills • Contains Arabic–English and English–Arabic glossaries and reference charts as well as a grammar index Read more ( javascript:void(0) ) See all Editorial Reviews ( /dp/product-description/158901104X/ref=dp_proddesc_0?ie=UTF8&n=283155&s=books&isInIframe=0 )