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    Review ------ I am really excited about the inclusion of motivation and self-efficacy. Many times we as university professors look over the obvious, like motivation, but we must remember it is not always obvious to inexperienced preservice teachers. . . . . The suggestions for motivating children to read will be a section that university candidates may look back on after graduation, when they have their own classrooms and need ideas. --Jerilou Moore, University of Mississippi The attention to second language learners is one of this text's strengths. I particularly like that these learners and appropriate instructional strategies are provided in each chapter. --Jacqueline Peck, University of Akron In one of my other courses where my students learn to do textbook evaluations, I brought in all the textbook options we were considering for this course, and allowed my students . . . to give their input into the decision. DeVries' book overwhelmingly won the approval of my students. Some of them who will not be taking the Assessment class asked if they could purchase the book anyway, wanting it for a teacher resource. That speaks very highly of this textbook, as students rarely get excited about purchasing textbooks that are not mandatory! --DiAnn McDown, University of Central Oklahoma Read more ( javascript:void(0) ) About the Author ---------------- Beverly DeVries, Ed.D., has been teaching at Southern Nazarene University in Oklahoma since 1993. She teaches reading diagnosis and primary and elementary literature/language arts. In all her courses, she demonstrates how teachers can use authentic assessment and instruction, using quality children's literature. She is presently on the Standards and Ethics Committee of the International Reading Association (IRA) and is the reading specialist on the Oklahoma Commission Program Advisory Board. She presents workshops on Writing Successful Reading Program Reports at the state and national level. DeVries received her Ed.D. from Oklahoma State University. Before beginning her college teaching career, she spent most of her years in the middle school, teaching composition and reading. It was during those years that she recognized the importance of early literacy intervention. Read more ( javascript:void(0) )

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