• Made from easy to clean and store silicone..
  • Make up to 20 pops at once versus smaller molds with 8 or 12..
  • Includes starter sticks for your first batch, more are recommended. Also includes a recipe book and instructions..
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe..
  • Base and lid easily fit together for more uniform pops..
  • Imported from USA.
Cake Pops have taken the country by storm appearing at weddings, holidays, kids parties and even Starbucks. These molds allow you to make batches of 20 without the hassle of traditional methods where you need to mix the cake, bake the cake, break the cake, roll the cake and finally bind the cake all before you get to start decorating them. Made from a flexible silicone these cake pop molds are easy to clean and store. A sample of sticks is included but it is recommended you purchase more. Packaged in frustration-free packaging to reduce waste and ease opening.