• Excellent spring wax! Avoid jerking out of your skis & board by using this soft warm temperature wax - you will be SO MUCH FASTER!!!.
  • 100 gram / 3.5 oz Single Bar -- Made in USA.
  • Air temperature Range: 10°C to -4°C or 50°F to 25°F.
  • Snow temperature Range: 0°C to -6°C or 32°F to 21°F.
  • WE MAKE ALL OUR WAXES OURSELVES LOCALLY IN US & SELL IT DIRECTLY TO YOU - NO MIDDLE MAN: Click "Sold by ZUMWax" under the price on this listing to see all waxes we manufacture and sell + tuning tools & MORE!!!.
  • Imported from USA.
This is a 100% Hydrocarbon Racing WARM Temperature Wax for all skis and snowboards . This wax has no fluorocarbon material in the blend. It is 100% high performance paraffinic hydrocarbons. Although it can be looked upon as an economical racing wax, the colder waxes perform very well alone and the warmer waxes make an acceptable base layer for ZUMWax High Fluoro Waxes. Please refer to "How to Apply Iron On Wax" instructional video: -- ZUMWAX is SUPER FAST!