• High Performance: Formulated with high performance glide wax for ski and snowboard..
  • For Warm Conditions Better glide, better acceleration for temperature above 26 oF (-5 oC), on moist wet snow and groomed surface..
  • Eco-Friendly Formula Contains advanced base wax derived form renewable sources.
  • User Friendly We respect our customers' diverse need. Fluoro-free formula means non-toxic and is best for all users..
  • Waxing iron needed. Set iron at 300 oF (149 oC).
  • Imported from USA.
WINKWAX W105 Advacned Glide Wax for Warm is made with advanced formula containing interpenetrated base wax selected from renewable sources for alpine skis and snowboards. Its optimized interpenetrated wax accelerates gliding in warm temperatures and its unique ingredients reduce hydrodynamic friction on moist snow. 5.4 oz / 153 g, Made in USA