• Works with all USB devices..
  • Charge from anywhere.
  • USB cables not included.
  • Imported from USA.
Not near a computer? Plug your Neptune or XtreaMP3 into the Universal Wall Charger and get the power you need. The Universal Wall Charger plugs into all standard outlets and has a USB port for your FINIS MP3 Player. .com ---- Ideal for travel, the FINIS Universal Wall Charger is designed for use with any of the company's popular SwiMP3 devices when you're away from your computer. This handy accessory plugs into all standard outlets, and additionally has a USB port. About FINIS FINIS was founded by Olympic gold medalist Pablo Morales in 1993. His influence as one of the world's greatest butterfly swimmers led to the development of the renowned Monofin, and -- in the years since -- FINIS has worked with an extensive list of coaches and swimmers to create products that optimize training and competitive performance. Today, FINIS is widely regarded as an innovator in technical swimming development, and the company's products are designed to improve efficiency, enjoyment, and comfort in the water.