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Birdmen: The Wright Brothers, Glenn Curtiss, and the Battle to Control the Skies
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    • Imported from USA.

    From acclaimed historian Lawrence Goldstone comes a thrilling narrative of courage, determination, and competition: the
    story of the intense rivalry that fueled the rise of American aviation.

    The feud between this nation’s great air pioneers, the Wright brothers and Glenn Curtiss, was a collision of unyielding
    and profoundly American personalities. On one side, a pair of tenacious siblings who together had solved the
    centuries-old riddle of powered, heavier-than-air flight. On the other, an audacious motorcycle racer whose innovative
    aircraft became synonymous in the public mind with death-defying stunts. For more than a decade, they battled each other
    in court, at air shows, and in the newspapers. The outcome of this contest of wills would shape the course of aviation
    history—and take a fearsome toll on the men involved.

    Birdmen sets the engrossing story of the Wrights’ war with Curtiss against the thrilling backdrop of the early years of
    manned flight, and is rich with period detail and larger-than-life personalities: Thomas Scott Baldwin, or “Cap’t Tom”
    as he styled himself, who invented the parachute and almost convinced the world that balloons were the future of
    aviation; John Moisant, the dapper daredevil who took to the skies after three failed attempts to overthrow the
    government of El Salvador, then quickly emerged as a celebrity flyer; and Harriet Quimby, the statuesque silent-film
    beauty who became the first woman to fly across the English Channel. And then there is Lincoln Beachey, perhaps the
    greatest aviator who ever lived, who dazzled crowds with an array of trademark twists and dives—and best embodied the
    romance with death that fueled so many of aviation’s earliest heroes.

    A dramatic story of unimaginable bravery in the air and brutal competition on the ground, Birdmen is at once a thrill
    ride through flight’s wild early years and a surprising look at the personal clash that fueled America’s race to the

    Praise for Birdmen

    “A meticulously researched account of the first few hectic, tangled years of aviation and the curious characters who
    pursued it . . . a worthy companion to Richard Holmes’s marvelous history of ballooning, Falling Upwards.”—Time

    “The daredevil scientists and engineers who forged the field of aeronautics spring vividly to life in Lawrence
    Goldstone’s history.”—Nature

    “The history of the development of an integral part of the modern world and a fascinating portrayal of how a group of
    men and women achieved a dream that had captivated humanity for centuries.”—The Christian Science Monitor

    “Captivating and wonderfully presented . . . a fine book about these rival pioneers.”—The Wall Street Journal

    “[A] vivid story of invention, vendettas, derring-do, media hype and patent fights [with] modern resonance.”—Financial

    “A powerful story that contrasts soaring hopes with the anchors of ego and courtroom.”—Kirkus Reviews

    “A riveting narrative about the pioneering era of aeronautics in America and beyond . . . Goldstone raises questions of
    enduring importance regarding innovation and the indefinite exertion of control over ideas that go public.”—Publishers
    Weekly (starred review)