• Plastic-rubber awesome grip and anti-sweat.
  • Scroll wheel is perfect for gaming, browsing.
  • Three (3) levels of resolution: 600/1000/1600 dpi.
  • Modern styling and advanced technology edge.
  • Added features such as back/forward buttons.
  • Imported from USA.
The E-BLUE Cobra JR has more than expected or basic functions. Most practical of all: Additional buttons for page navigation and various dpi resolutions - for customized gameplay. Like all Cobra models, the JR has ultra fast response buttons. Also adding to the performance of this mouse, the design is balanced with lightweight metal inside the body's shell-casing. The pin-point tracking of the Cobra JR mouse is incredible, while the quick switching function gives you absolute control of resolution. This allows you to go from a racing game to action while maintaining optimum sensitivity (no more over-steering or slow aiming). Advanced gamers benefit from the Cobra JR's 16-bit data path, allowing the utmost in speed. For the most reliable data transfer, the USB cable is well shielded and works beautifully via USB 2.0. Note that the mouse is designed for Windows 98 / 2000 / ME / NT / XP and Windows 7, but is not functional for MAC OS X. 15G is the standard acceleration and is on par with the formidable Cobra JR. For this price you'd think you're holding a mouse with a price far more recognized for performance, but also with a heavier price tag. The lift off distance of the Cobra JR is great considering the incredibly affordable pricing. As an entry level gaming mouse this unit exceeds all expectations because of the 4000 frames per second refresh rate. Switch life is also above average within the range of other comparable products. And, worth repeating, just like the precise control of this mouse from game to game (or task to task, when extended into other digital realms), there are 6 buttons in total (two unique Side-Buttons), that along with the smooth scroll wheel, provide everything you need in a mouse!