• Cost-effective per GB.
  • StableTrac and RAFF for enhanced vibration tolerance.
  • Best-in-class Performance.
  • Maximum capacity.
  • 5-year manufacturer limited warranty.
  • Package includes a hard drive only - no screws, cables, manuals included. Please purchase mounting hardware and cables separately if necessary..
  • Cost-effective datacenter storage delivers the right blend of performance, reliability and capacity and keeps your total cost of ownership low..
  • All drives undergo at least 5 million hours of functional testing, and over 20 million hours of additional testing under actual workloads in actual server and storage systems..
  • Enhanced Rotary Acceleration Feed Forward technology results in a significant performance improvement in high vibration environments over the previous generation of drives..
  • 4 TB capacity holds up to 800,000 digital photos, 1,000,000 MP3 files, and 300 hours of HD video..
  • 5 year limited warranty..
  • Imported from USA.
WD Se datacenter capacity storage is an ideal solution for scale-out datacenters, delivering a cost-effective combination of performance, capacity, and workload capability, while maintaining the hardiness of a true enterprise-class design. WD Se is best suited for bulk cloud storage, distributed file systems, replicated environments, cost-efficient RAID architectures and content delivery networks (CDNs). Compatible with: PC