• Size: length 30cm x 40cm in width.
  • Made in Japan: 100% cotton fabric quality.
  • lesson bag other than is not included in a product..
  • If by the PC environment of the customers, the difference may occur in color taste, there is it. Please note..
  • There is a case to change the specification to equivalent or if different from a photograph products. Please note..
  • Imported from USA.
Among the pink FEATURES Lovely fabric pattern, these children is like playing the piano as if dancing the black cat and her friends! 1. going to kindergarten together Features the product is always fun, but also a lesson of piano, when you go to play as well, from fabric Vallier of design largest high sense , size large-format picture book most common peace of mind? pick 2. is the bag which is high sense outing? kindergarten becomes fun by far to find a favorite of your own sketchbook and enters completely, D can you give satisfy the provisions of the Garden of many, the basic size name tag of the relief attached! It is hard to be 3. wrinkle , it is most suitable for through cram school and lesson! quilting less likely to wrinkles, relief material that is easy to treat even small children . have strong hands firmly 4. it easy to hold in the hands of the child in the tape. Stylish body outstanding durability of durable oxford cloth quilting batting, the bottom cloth even back cloth! back also stylish, up to 5. cloth , handle, the sewing is the specifications that detail to elaborate, made in Japan of trust! shoes bag, drawstring bag of same cloth that is easy to recognize as "mine" even small children warmth like handmade mom, too.