• Indicating silica gel packets fit most underwater camera housings.
  • Moisture absorbing packets of silica gel are non-toxic and inert, will absorb up to 40-percent of it's weight in moisture.
  • Our indicating silica gel packets does not contain cobalt chloride.
  • Bag contains: 10 indicating silica gel packets.
  • Perfect for cameras, ammo boxes, safes, safe, ammunition, guns, guitars, shoes, closet, boats and rvs.
  • Imported from USA.
Dry-packs moisture absorbing indicating silica gel packets item number dp2-10 includes 10 of the indicating silica gel packets that have indicating crystals inside the clear packet that turn from orange to dark green so you know that the packets are about 60-percent absorbed and must consider replacing. These dry-packs are ideal size for numerous applications like underwater camera housings, camera gear, scuba gear, camera housings, electronic bags, digital cameras, shoes, leather items, camping gear, backpacks, tackle boxes, gun cases, storage boxes, tool chest, coins, crafts, etc.