• Ages 4+.
  • Set includes cat tree with 2 hide-away compartments and 3 scratch pads, 6 kitties, feeding dish, basket, and 2 animal enthusiasts.
  • Imported from USA.
No Playmobil Animal Clinic would be complete without the precious purring of the Playmobil Cat Scratch Tree Set - these cute kittens are sure to make each day "cat"-tacular! The Playmobil Cat Scratch Tree Set is the all-in-one kitty playground that features 2 hide-away compartments, 3 flat scratch pads and 6 cute, colorful kitties that will play the day away. To make sure these cats have all they need, the Playmobil Cat Scratch Tree Set includes 2 good-natured animal enthusiasts, a feeding dish and a basket to transport these cuddly kittens anywhere they need to go. And after playing all day on their Playmobil Cat Scratch Tree Set, these kittens are certain to cuddle up with their friends for a cozy night of relaxation.