• Interactive cat toys come in three vibrant color choices.
  • Cat toys double as a scratch pad to keep nails clean, healthy, & strong.
  • These funny cat toys will keep your cat playing for hours chasing the mouse.
  • Imported from USA.
Keep your cat amused throughout the day, whether your furry friend is young or old, with the catch-the-mouse cat toy from EdgeVantage. This high quality cat toy features a realistic looking mouse trapped inside a disk with three openings for your cat to "catch" the mouse through. Through those openings, kitty can bat the mouse, making it run along the track inside. Although your pet will be able to bat at it, the mouse stays firmly in place to continue to delight and evade. With entertainment like this close at paw, kitty will be inspired to be more active, and, as pet owners fully know, an active cat is a healthy and happy cat. The disk housing the mouse is made from durable hard plastic, so it can withstand energetic and frequent use. As an added bonus, the catch-the-mouse toy doubles as a scratch pad, so your cat will be able to keep its claws healthy, clean, and strong. You would be hard-pressed to find another product capable of grooming while providing hours of fun. If you have multiple cats, be sure to have plenty of EdgeVantage catch-the-mouse cat toys to keep them all entertained and on the chase. That way, each of your precious furry companions can keep their claws and reflexes sharp as tacks. When the attention is on this toy and scratch pad, it keeps cats away from the ends of your furniture and carpet, keeping both you and your pets happy. These useful cat toys are available in three vibrant colors - green, purple, and orange. Choose the shade that best fits with your décor, and keep them wherever your cat spends most of its time to achieve the maximum amount of use.