• Sports Equipment dries within hours, works for hockey, football, lacrosse and more..
  • Preserves and aerates equipment for longer life.
  • Saves space and stores equipment.
  • Rust proof cold rolled steel.
  • Rigid construction, snap together set up. Easy to assemble.
  • Imported from USA.
Wet Gear Hockey Equipment Trees are the most efficiently engineered units made to hold each and every piece of hockey equipment to air, resulting in the quickest drying and deodorizing while providing organization and storage for your gear. Now you no longer have to look for a place to hang your wet gear after practice or a game. Product Features: Hockey Equipment dries within hours Preserves and aerates equipment for longer life Equipment loaded and unloaded within minutes Saves space and stores equipment Never forget your equipment One size fits all Rust proof cold rolled steel Rigid construction, snap together set-up Easy to assemble. Please note: This items packaging will indicate what is inside and cannot be hidden. Please also see Wet Gear-Hockey Equipment Dryer Rack: Metal Locker Deluxe Model for our larger model that holds more/heavier equipment.

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