• Jet water away plaque, food debris, and bacteria from in between your teeth using our water pick flosser- much more effective and sensitive than string floss..
  • Easy To Use: Just Fill With Water, Point and Press to Power Away Plaque Causing Debris..
  • Keep your teeth sparkling clean with Power Floss Dental Water Jet..
  • Ergonomic Design and Low Profile Tip Easily Reach Back Teeth. No Batteries or cords required..
  • Specially designed low profile tip is meant to reach the back of your teeth and maintain all areas of your teeth clean.
  • Imported from India.
* Improve your dental care routine with ShoppoWorld oral irrigator, which helps remove more food than brushing with a powerful water jet Jet Power Floss Oral Irrigator. * Promote healthy gums and teeth using this air powered hydro floss water pick. * Benefits Helps clean between teeth and other hard-to-reach places Removes food particles Helps reduce the depth of gingival sulcus Massages and strengthens gums. * No batteries, cord, or charging station is required. * Irrigating teeth is less abrasive that using tooth floss on your gums. You can also add a little mouthwash into the jet for a cleaner feeling. * Using air technology that's propels the water, power floss blasts away food debris that is on and in between your teeth. * Hydro floss easily reaches the back of your teeth due to its low profile tip. Eliminate the need for floss with this handy product. * Product also works great with those who have braces and are unable to floss as effectively. For best care clear out all fluids from water pick after each use. * After use, empty the reservoir and depress the button to remove any remaining fluid from within the unit. Flush the power floss; Dental water jet thoroughly using warm water and wipe dry. * Note: Press the button several times until liquid comes out in a steady stream. You can adjust the speed and volume of the stream by varying the force you apply on the button.

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