• How To Make a Beautiful Wildflower Wall Basket for your Wall or Door: Video/DVD; "Wildflower Wall Basket".
  • World Renowned EXPERT Floral Designer Teaches ALL Her Tips and Secrets!.
  • Carries Ladybug Certified Guarantee that You can Make this Yourself!.
  • Make Floral Designs for yourself. Give them as gifts. Sell them on the Internet as Nancy does!.
  • Follow the Professional Tips and Tecniques Nancy Alexander has learned in her 25 years of experience in Floral Design.
  • Imported from USA.
"Wildflower Wall Basket" is a wonderfully detailed two DVD set Video teaching you the art of floral design. I start at the very beginning and show you every detail in the process of making your own colorful Wall Basket. Learning floral design can create a new hobby or even better, a new career. Imagine finding something that you have fun doing that earns you money in the process. The goals of my books and videos are to teach you about my passion - Floral Design; but also to share with you the knowledge and tools needed to have a successful business on the Internet, or in your hometown. If you are not interested in a business opportunity, then at the very least you can create one of a kind personal gifts for your friends and family. The opportunities are endless! You will learn how to fill a wall basket with wonderful stems & flowing greens. You will become more proficient in working with greenery and flowers of any size. You'll find that making this design is so easy, you just won't believe it! By following all of my tips and techniques you will have a beautiful , bold, showy wall basket arrangement for the every Season. Whether you are and experienced designer or just getting started, this Video will provide all of the instructions you need to create an amazing small or large design. I walk you through each step of the learning process, and make sure that you are taught correctly. Your finished product will be a work of art. Be assured that a professional with many years of experience is teaching you. I am a world renowned designer with 25 years of experience gained from owning an upscale floral and design business. I taught countless night classes in floral design and bow making during my years in business, so I am thrilled to be able to share the tips and secrets that I have learned and developed over the years with you. Thank you, and Good Luck!