• 28 LED light beads: 24 White and 4 Blue.
  • Energy-saving LED Clip Lamp with 3 working Mode.
  • Flexible lamp arm: can be rotated at any angle to put the light where you need.
  • Suitable for the tank whose length is 20 to 40 cm.
  • Can be used for aquarium lighting and daily energy-saving lighting.
  • Imported from USA.
This is a LED Clip Lamp for aquarium lighting with 3 MODE light effects. By touching the switch, the lamp can be changed among white, blue, white-blue light and light off. Except for aquarium lighting, the Clip Lamp can also be used for other energy-saving lighting. Features: *A good decoration for the aquarium tank *High Brightness of white light and beautiful blue light effects *3 Working Modes: Blue Light only, White Light only, or Blue+ White Light *Safe to use: powered by DV 15 through a power adaptor *Wide input range of 110-220V *Rotate the two screws according to the width of the tank to fix the lamp Specification: -Power consumption: 2W -Recommended Tank Size: 20~40cm -Input voltage: AC 110-224V -Power Plug: US Plug(No plug adaptor need) -Output voltage: DC15V -The size of LED light: 9.5x4.2cm -Power Cord length: 1.2M -Color: Black -Nominal operating temperature: 20℃-50℃ -Flexible Arm length: 10CM/3.9inch -Applicable tank thickness≦ 8MM/0.32inch -Lifetime of the clip lamp: 9000 hrs Package: -1x Aquarium Clip LED lamp -1x Power Adaptor -1x User Manual NOTE: (1) Make sure that the power adapter is dry and ventilated. It's forbidden to use the power adapter when it's wet. Keep the LED clip lamp far away from water. Once it gets wet, stop using it. The clip lamp cannot be used until t it is dry inside completely. (2) When the power adapter is connected to the electricity, make sure there are no other objects within 2 centimeters of the touch switch so as to avoid error detection of the touching module, which might incorrectly turn the lights on/off.