• Irresistibly fun to squeeze- keeps hands, fingers and feet busy!.
  • Squashing and squeezing makes non-toxic gel quietly moves from one side to the other.
  • Hourglass shape.
  • From the award winning Abilitations line of Special Needs Solutions.
  • Imported from USA.
Designed by our very own Abilitations Creations team, the Squash-It is an hourglass-shaped fidget filled with a non-toxic gelatinous fluid. Squeezing or pressing on one side sends the fluid through the narrow channel to the other side. Squash-It can be pounded on with a fist or simply massaged with a finger to get the visual effect of the fluid in motion. Squash-It Whisper makes absolutely no noise as the fluid is moved from one chamber to the other. Sold in a Set of three soothing colors, yellow/green, blue/purple and lime/green. Also available as Squash It Auditory which makes noise as it is squashed. Abilitations Integrations.