• Players drop blocks known as Tetriminos into a grid. They attempt to link same-colored Tetriminos together to earn points, while simultaneously blocking opponents from doing the same. Points are earned by linking three or more Tetriminos together, but points are deducted for leaving empty spaces in the tower grid. The game ends once the tower is completely full..
  • Linking and blocking.
  • New twist on the popular game of tetris.
  • Link tetriminos to score points while strategically blocking opponents.
  • Imported from USA.
Product description ------------------- Adapted for competitive play, this favorite game goes delightfully low-tech, developing shape and color awareness along with strategic thinking. Players take urns dropping "Tetriminos" into the vertical board, linking colors and blocking opponents to score points. Its as addictive as its digital counterpart. From the Manufacturer --------------------- Enjoy this strategic game Tetris Link of linking blocks. Win by building a vertical accent of Tetriminos to the top of the tower.