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    Nothing sets off a car quite like window tint. From making it look better to cooling it off, there are numerous reasons why tinting your windows is often times a no-brainer. However, window tinting has long been viewed as one of those things you can’t do yourself and still expect great results. Luckily, The Four Basic Steps in Window Tinting Your Car destroys that way of thinking and shows readers everywhere how to tint windows themselves. Filled with priceless tips and step-by-step instructions, this remarkable guide will easily have beginners tinting their own windows in no time. Designed to help readers get comfortable with the process, this educational guide condenses the lessons learned in a long tinting career into this one stop shop of window tinting information. Written in a lighthearted and easy-to-read style, The Four Basic Steps in Window Tinting Your Car is easily understood by even the most inexperienced of beginners. Taking the mystery out of window tinting, this educational guide teaches readers everything from the different types of tint to what tool is better for each job. Packed with easy-to-understand steps and helpful illustrations, this amazing resource is extraordinarily useful for beginners getting comfortable with window tinting.