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    American Photo Magazine prides itself on providing photography enthusiasts with the information they need. Whether you're an amateur looking for a few tips or a professional interested in the competition, you will find pertinent articles, photographs, and features between the covers of this magazine. The magazine also highlights photojournalists and the photo essays they create around the world. American Photo Magazine offers a variety of top and best-of lists that cover everything from photo shoots to equipment. You can find articles including the top ten tools that every photographer needs and articles relating to the best photographs taken in a single year. The magazine also showcases photo shoots taken by professional photographers, giving amateurs something they can aspire to. Photo essays tell a story without using words, and the images in this magazine are particularly powerful. Whether it's an essay documenting people from another culture or an illustration of what an everyday person goes through while working on the job, the essay shows the sometimes dark side of the chosen topic. American Photo Magazine also delves into the world of professionals, running interviews on those who work successfully in the field. These interviews show amateurs what they can expect. You can also find historic photographs of important events inside the magazine and read articles about how photography has changed over the years. Subscribing to American Photo Magazine gives you inspiration for your own photo shoots and introduces you to what life is like for those working in the field of photography.