• Dimensions: 12" L X6" W X12" H Expanded: 12" X12" X12".
  • Available in Black.
  • Plenty of mesh for properventilation.
  • Converts to a backpack or pet crate.
  • Enough room to stow your laptop or other personal items.
  • Imported from USA.
Emanuele Bianchi designed this pet carrier, back-pack, laptop computer carrier and foldable pet crate, all in one The PW (Pet At Work) is an ingenious solution for those of you who enjoy taking your small pet with you to work, traveling or visiting friends and family. Not only can your pet be carried safely in the back-pack carrier, but there is also room for your laptop and the portable dog house. The PW features a wonderful foldable Pet Dome, a perfect soft crate so that your pet can enjoy the security of home while at your office or anywhere that you wish to take him. The pet crate comes with a soft double sided comfort mat. The PW is expandable from compact, to standard, to expanded.