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    This kit, if used properly will allow you to identify about 85% of all precious gemstones, using three simple tools - Chelsea Filter, Dichroscope and Jewelers Loupe. This kit includes the following items: Chelsea Filter Of the many tools introduced to jewelers in the past few decades, the Chelsea filter has become one of the most popular. Originally used to differentiate genuine emeralds from other similarly colored stones such as tourmaline and peridot, the Chelsea filter is now used, often in conjunction with other tools such as the loupe or dichroscope to be able to identify mostly any gemstone. Since technology for creating synthetic gemstones has vastly improved in recent times, checking stones with the Chelsea filter alone is n longer considered sufficient. Dichroscope The dichroscope is another popular tool, which, like the Chelsea filter, is considered invaluable for distinguishing certain stones from similar gems. It can only be used on stones that are transparent, and are able to transmit light. It is used to differentiate between and identify stones of the similar colors. When looking through the dichroscope, the user should see two squares/rectangles, side by side. When viewing a stone, the user will see that it is either a single or a double refracting stone. 10x triplet jewelers loupe in black housing Used to detect chips, cracks, scratches, sharpness of edges, symmetry in cutting, presence and types of flaws. It is essential to have 10 power (10 times magnification) triplet-type loupe in black housing.

    Ade Advanced Optics Bundle: Chelsea Filter, Dichroscope, Jewelers Hasting 10x Loupe. GIA Tools (Pack of 3)

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