DROK 0.28" Digital LED Voltmeter Ammeter Multimeter DC 4.5-30V 100A Voltage Current Meter Panel Gauge 12V/24V Volt Amp Tester

Product Description

Imported from USA

Power Supply (Measure Voltage): DC 4.5-30V
voltage < 10V, resolution: 0.01V
voltage >= 10V, resolution: 0.1V
Measure Current: 0-100A forward current (require external 100A shunt)
Current Resolution: 0.1A
Operating Current: LED Dual-color (red and blue)

Wire Connection:
Black wire(COM): the black wire is the common wire or ground wire
Red wire(PW+): red wire is power supply wire for the meter and also signal wire of voltage measurement(ensure voltage
between red and black wire
is less than 30V)
Yellow wire(IN+): the yellow wire is current input terminal and should be connected to rear end of tested device(if you
only use voltmeter, please
connect yellow wire with black wire to avoid digits on ammeter flashing due to external interference)

1.Please make sure power supply not exceed 30V, or the meter will burn
2.Current should be tested in the negative pole; the meter can test current only in one direction
3.It adopts common ground design, meaning its tested terminal shares common ground with power supply
4.Please choose meter with suitable texting range, or there will be linear error

1x Digital Volt Amp Meter
1x 100A DC Current Shunt

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