• About this item.
  • Dell Genuine / Part Number: C730C / Model: AX510.
  • Type: Flat Panel Stereo Speaker.
  • Nominal Output Power (Total) 10 Watt / Response Bandwidth 135 20000 Hz.
  • Connector Type Audio line in.
  • No Power Adapter.
  • Imported from USA.
Highlights Full, rich stereo sound Features lightweight, elegant design Attaches easily to select UltraSharp and P Series Flat Panel Displays Sleek, low profile design 2 x 5 W per channel stereo 2 x headphone jacks Does not come with a separate power adapter Overview The Dell AX510 SoundBar is only powered from a Dell UltraSharp or Professional series monitor and does not come with a separate power adapter. This stereo soundbar is a good choice for improving the quality of multimedia presentations, online training / Web casts, music listening, gaming, and DVD playback on your system. This lightweight, elegantly designed sound bar can be easily attached to your Dell Flat Panel Monitor. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system. Compatibility This product is compatible with the following systems: 1708FP-BLK 1907FPV Adamo 13 Adamo XPS Alienware Area - 51 Alienware Area - 51 ALX Alienware Aurora Alienware Aurora ALX Alienware Aurora R2 Alienware Aurora R3 Alienware M11x Alienware M11x R2 Alienware M11x R3 Alienware M14x Alienware M15x Alienware M17x Alienware M17x R3 Alienware M18x Alienware X51 Dimension 1100 Dimension 2300 Dimension 2350 Dimension 2400 Dimension 2400C Dimension 3000 Dimension 3100 Dimension 4500 Dimension 4500S Dimension 4550 (400MHz Front Side Bus) Dimension 4550 (533MHz Front Side Bus) Dimension 4600 (APG Video Card) Dimension 4600 (Integrated Graphics) Dimension 4600C Dimension 4700 Dimension 4700C Dimension 5100 Dimension 5100C Dimension 5150 Dimension 5150C Dimension 8300 Dimension 8400 Dimension 9100 Dimension 9150 Dimension 9200 Dimension 9200C Dimension B110 Dimension C521 Dimension E310 Dimension E510 Dimension E520 Dimension E521

Dell Genuine AX510 Entry Flat Panel Stereo Sound Bar, 1908FP