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CSLA2CD Honeywell ACDC 72 Amps Current Sensor Hall Effect Transducer with mounting screws

Product Description

Use this sensor with our free software and a $20 Arduino for data logging or data acquisition

Includes Mounting Screws to mount to a proto board or PCB

Good for monitoring AC or DC current 3 Micro Second Response Time 333kHz

Use this sensor with a volt meter, data logger, or data acquisition system

Large wire capability - up to size 4 AWG, loop through sensor multiple times to strengthen signal

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Imported from USA

This sensor is easily used with the Arduino platform such as the Arduino UNO which only costs you $20 through (Sold
separately). The Arduino UNO has 6 Analog channels to monitor a 0 to 5V range. The Arduino UNO can be setup as an AC or
DC datalogger / O-Scope for monitoring both current and Voltage (Voltage monitoring requires the use of a Voltage
divider to scale the Voltage down to the input range of data logger) . If you would like the free LabVIEW software to
use the Arduino for a datalogger or data acquisition O-Scope let us know and we will give you a link to download it.

The hole diameter on this sensor is about 0.43 inches so it would fit up to a size 4 or size 2 AWG wire. The biggest
advantage of this type of sensor is that you can loop a wire through the sensor as many times as you want to strengthen
the signal. For example, if you loop the wire through 10 times with a supply of 8 Volts DC, then the sensitivity of this
hall effect transducer will be about 330mV instead of 33mV (10 times larger sensitivity).

ASSEMBLY REQUIRED HERE. You will need to connect the positive pin of this sensor to a DC voltage regulator such as the
7508 8V regulator. To build this simple circuit you will need to use a soldering iron and a voltage regulator. See
picture in the listing for a schematic showing detailed information on how to hook this sensor up. This current sensor
is a linear output Hall effect transducer. For every Amp that it detects, it changes its output by a few millivolts. If
you want to see the exact sensitivity then take a look at the sensitivity chart above. It ranges from 24mv at 5 Volts
supply, to 58mV per Amp with a 12 Volt DC supply. This sensor comes with mounting screws which are 0.375 inch long 4-40
screw and square nut (included) . However you could solder three wires to the pins and put heat shrink around each of
them and runs this sensor to wherever you want.

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